Friday, 25 March 2011

Certainly Certainty

i'm soaked to the skin
as the rain begins
to pour, to cascade
our beds are unmade
so we don't have to lie
we don't have to struggle
our weaknesses die
they give us no trouble
certainty certainly
confuses our minds, you see
our hearts are made up
but our heads can't keep up  
decisions are made for us, 
by us, despite us
despise all you want
but the cup is half drunk
and so are you, and you need to finish it
complete, and utter
the words, devastation, 
forgiveness, frustration, 
redemption, elation
that soak to the skin
the world closes in
and we realize that we were right to believe
what our hearts had conceived
but our minds hadn't seen
for it's always the way
that our heart knows what's best
and certainly certainty
doesn't add up
to happiness 

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