Friday, 11 March 2011


Sometimes I just get on a train at night time and keep going until I feel like turning around and coming back home. It gives me time to think, and I see some beautiful things. My favorite is going over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and seeing the lights of Luna Park, and the Opera House. It makes me feel lucky. People visit Sydney so they can see these things, and I get to see them every day.

I think everyone needs to stop, and let something, be it a train, or a river, or laying down on the grass and seeing the clouds pass by, but everyone should let something take them, carry them, and to
take the opportunity to stare at the things around them. The shapes, the colours, the creativity in opposition to, and at the same time in perfect harmony with order. It makes you feel lucky that you have been witness to beauty, and maybe even sometimes a participant in beauty.

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